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Tiger Anklet


Very trendy customizable men's anklet perfect for summer with natural tiger eye stones and rhodium-plated 925 sterling silver hardware - Free second anklet 100% cotton



If you want an original, trendy and quality accessory for your summer look, you can't miss Tigre, a customizable men's anklet handmade in Italy with 925 sterling silver hardware and natural stones. This is an anklet made up of small rhodium-plated silver elements, a precious and durable metal, alternating with natural tiger eye stones, a quartz rock with a golden yellow color and striated hues. This anklet is perfect for expressing your free-spirited and carefree personality, whether you are on vacation at the beach, in the city, or elsewhere. You can pair it with any outfit, from casual to sophisticated, and create a bright and eye-catching effect between the brown of the stones and the white of the silver. The anklet is also a symbol of summer, of the will to live and achieve your goals. In fact, tiger's eye is also known as the "will stone" and aligns perfectly with the energy of the third chakra. The person who wears it realizes that he or she must take responsibility, it stimulates a sense of stability and practicality, and has the ability to see beyond appearances. Don't miss this opportunity to wear a unique and trendy piece of jewelry that will always make you feel on top!

  • PERSONALIZATION: The anklet can be personalized with your name or a word that most represents you! You can write the name or word in the form above with a maximum of 12 letters
  • GIFT: When you purchase this anklet, you will receive a free 100% cotton hand woven bandana anklet - The color will be a surprise but will surely be a perfect match for the personalized anklet! (The color of the free anklet in the photo is for illustration only)
  • Materials: Rhodium-plated 925 silver hardware and clasp
  • Stone: Pearl-cut tiger's eye
  • Size: One-size-fits-all anklet corresponding to 27cm with the possibility to lengthen it about 3cm so it fits perfectly
  • Closure: With snap hook
  • Packaging: The anklet is sold inside an elegant little box with Dandy Street logo. Also perfect as a gift!

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