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Our story.

Everything is born with a vision.

Dandy Street - shop online - accessori uomo - il brand la nostra storia
Dandy Street - shop online - accessori uomo - il brand - Manuel Trevisan

About Me

My name is Manuel Trevisan, and I am the founder of the Dandy Street Brand.

Ever since I was a kid I had a passion for fashion and accessories in general and I always thought that one day I would create something of my own in this field but I still didn’t really know what my direction would really be.

After finishing high school and putting aside a small sum scraped together through odd jobs, I finally decided to get an experience in London, knowing how important it could be to speak English in the fashion industry and also knowing that it could open my eyes to a world of wonderful inspirations that perhaps, staying in my small town of birth, I could not have found.

Inspired by London, Handmade in Italy

“London has been a real inspiration
for my brand!”

One day, on my way home from work, I strangely changed the route I usually took and turned instead onto Benson Street, passing a tailor’s shop window with a wonderful pinstripe suit with spear reverses on display.
In front of the mannequin was a small table with accessories-I immediately fell in love with a vintage-style slave bracelet in 925 Sterling Silver with a natural turquoise stone set in it. At that moment I knew that that had to be my path.

Back in Italy, in 2015, my dream was crowned: DANDY STREET® was finally born.

Dandy Street - shop online - accessori uomo - il brand - handmade in Italy
Dandy Street - shop online - accessori uomo - il brand - handmade in Italy - logo

Dandy Street: the brand

The name DANDY STREET derives from the great love I have for tailoring, the handmade product, the class and uniqueness that distinguishes the figure of the “Dandy,” which today I reinterpret in my own way, and to the encounter with that turquoise stone bracelet that was displayed in the window of Benson Street, a street that I never used to walk down, a street that showed me my destiny and made me literally discover my “Street.”

Manuel Trevisan

Young artisans

Today, seven years after the birth of the brand, everything is still handcrafted, everything is still passion and careful care!

Now we have about four hundred customers scattered between Italy and Northern Europe: direct customers, fond of our creations and our story.

We produce our jewelry in a large and well-structured workshop, in Padua (Veneto), thanks to the manual skills of our collaborators, the ingenuity and strategic ability of external collaborators who have been working with us for a long time, and a dense network of retailers who strongly believe in this project.

All this, fueled by the energy and the will to make Dandy Street an international Brand, a true excellence of Made in Italy.

Dandy Street - shop online - accessori uomo - il brand - gioielli uomo artigianali

Style and Quality

The “street” elegance of the New Dandy

All details, finishes and workmanship are handcrafted with semi-precious gemstones, yarns, elastics and fine minutiae.
In the constant quest for freshness and novelty, Dandy Street accessories complete every man’s outfit, never leaving anything to chance.

Exponents of Made in Italy, they revisit the principles of the New Dandy style in a modern key, enhancing a unique and refined “street” elegance.
Colors, materials and influences from the world meet in a product that is for us synonymous with quality!

In Italy and around the world

The know-how gained over the years has enabled the distribution of Manuel Trevisan’s Dandy Street accessories in Italy, placing the brand in about 400 stores.

In the last period, the brand has started collaboration with new stores in Norway, Sweden and Denmark thanks to an efficient Scandinavian sales network. Other outlets are also present in Germany and Japan.

There have been many opportunities to collaborate with major brands by creating exclusive Private Label collections. These include Imperial, Lardini, Duca d’Aosta and other store groups present in northern Italy.

Dandy Street - shop online - accessori uomo - il brand - gioielli uomo nel mondo

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