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Una produzione artigianale pensata e creata in Italia

Mi chiamo Manuel e sono il creatore del marchio DANDY STREET, nato dalla profonda passione per l’accessorio e dalla voglia, insieme al mio team, di dimostrare il valore dell’artigianato italiano, che ancora oggi vive e si esprime attraverso la qualità dei prodotti che creiamo.


There is a particular time in life, when you feel a little defeated and a little lost, that with your eyes, or rather with your heart, you try to find clues in the world that will show you the way, that will tell you which is the safe branch to cling to.

Like me, who in the search for my direction perhaps didn’t quite know which way to go, having few fixed points and many uncertainties.

Perhaps it was that magical moment in front of the window of a gentlemen’s clothing store, enchanted by that pair of turquoise stone cufflinks on the mannequin shirt that convinced me that yes, it is worth it. That if you can dream it, you can do it. And so in 2014 I embarked on this journey into the world of jewelry and accessories, of handmade in Italy and high quality.

The style: from London to Padua.

Dandy Street accessories revisit the principles of New Dandy style in a modern key, enhancing a unique and refined “street” elegance. Our products blend New Dandy style with Streetwear influences: the “classic” evolves, meeting new contemporary Street Fashion trends. In the constant search for uniqueness and quality, Dandy Street accessories complete every man’s outfit, never leaving anything to chance.

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