Our history starts ufficially in 2014: a small creative laboratory where we beginn to draw and study our first products. Dandy Street brokes the rules of contemporary and perform style with personality intensifying beauty in all his form with details that give room to the imaginary dressing a romantic man with a strong and present character, ready for success!

And so begins that jewels and accessory comes alive: bracelets, chian pants, square pockets, scarves and accessory are the result of conecepts and valued combinations of selected raw material and high quality.

Attention to details

Our mission is to create the perfect accessory to combine with elegant and casual clothes, distinguishing their presence with unique and unmistakable elements. Every accessory arise to give emphasis to the individual who gives attention to details and with a marked distinctive personality.

The trip, the training, the know-how and the experience are the way for a continuos growth wich looks forward to high quality in a procedure that involves first of all passion and taste for beauty. The strenght of a culture that has his deep roots in Italianness.